Raina is a Prez and Caper puppy that was born in late April 2014, 6 days before a cheetah cub was abandoned by it's mother, In the wild a cheetah cub's mortality rate is so high that a mother usually abandons a single cub.
The San Diego Zoo Safari Park contacted me looking for a companion to be raised with the abandoned cub named Ruuxa. This was the first time they had ever paired a cheetah cub and puppy so young. 
Cheetahs are shy animals and Raina will have a calming effect on him making him more comfortable in social situations as ambassadors for the zoo. Even though there is only 6 days difference in their age, Raina has always been about double Ruuxa's weight. As a 3 year old adult cheetah, Ruuxa will weigh 50 lbs more than Raina, but he will always see her as his big sister. He makes a chirp sound to call Raina when he can't see her. Ruuxa means spirit in Somali and Raina means guardian. BFFs for life!


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